Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Integrated - Man-made and natural resources - Upcycling


On Friday the 5th of August 2016 in Integrated , grade 3B and 3A made newspaper huts. We used these materials:1-4 newspapers, sticky tape, scissors,3-5 people and a person from your group to go into the hut. To get the person in your group into the hut you could: build around the person, make an entrance, find a gap in the hut etc. We had to try and make it balance and stick together properly. When you are finished and you've put one person in the hut , you can try and put another and another or just rip the newspaper and put it in the bin.If you have time you can make another,and another etc. Check out all our ideas and strategies!
Written by Ava 3A

Students also enjoyed recycling old bottles and socks/washers to create a bubble making device. The students and teachers had loads of fun and it was easy to see that with very little equipment available we could still create hours of fun!

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