Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What's going on in 6B!

What’s going on in 6B!!!!!

There are many exciting things 6B has been getting up to this term and one of them is earthquakes. In science 6B and 6A’s topic is earthquakes. We have learnt about tectonic plates and how the earth can move and change while learning about the earth's structure as well , there is the earth's inner  core which is obviously the hottest part of the earth and it is made out of iron and nickel.  the outer core, is the layer surrounding the inner core. The outer core is a liquid also made from iron and nickel, like the inner core the outer core is also very hot with similar temperatures to the inner core. The mantle is the thickest part of the earth. It is made up of magma. the upper parts of the mantle is hard and rock like, yet when it gets closer to the outer core it gets softer and is starting to melt. Finally there's the crust which both you and me are standing on right now. It is a thin layer of rock ,grass and dirt.

The Brain:
In integrated our topic is the brain and body systems, we have learnt about the left and right side brain , the parts of the brain, and the systems of the body(respiratory, urinary, digestive etc.) Did you know that the small intestines are about as big as five chickens lying down Head to toe!

We have all had sooooooooooooo much fun in 6B so far,in fact, I wouldn't mind doing it all over again!

By Bec

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